A packshot photo of Sandqvist rucksacks shot by Traffic Jam Studio
A packshot photo of RAINS raincoats shot by Traffic Jam Studio
A packshot photo of Samsoe wooly hats shot by Traffic Jam Studio
Photo of Scotria moidular bags - shot by Traffic Jam Studio LTD.
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Nike MercurialX Superfly 6 shot by Traffic Jam Studio - post processing by Art Works
A packshot photo of FOLK socks shot by Traffic Jam Studio
Jewellery Photography - Ring banner
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A photo of men


We love innovation and automation where it can improve quality, consistency and keep prices reasonable for our clients, hence we have partnered with MODE360, the leader in automated product photography, to ensure our clients get the best results in the shortest time as possible.

Take a look at the amazing examples below - they'll knock your socks off!

As supported by:
Amazon product photography in London
eBay product photography in London
Shopify product photography in London
Magento product photography in London

360 Spin

No detail is missed in our high quality 360 spin images.

Capturing transparent items is no problem.

No smoke and mirrors with this 360 spin image of an electronic cigarette with glass tank.

We can create stunning stop motion 360s and animations. Roger-Meng-vs-Evgeny-Romanov 0-1 :)

We're the number one studio in London for 360 spin images for eCommerce - it's our speciality!

Just take a look at the above examples - imagine your product in the hands of your customers. Because we use the most advanced tech on the market, not only do we keep the prices low, we can deliver these with a fast 24 turnaround, with the ultra smooth 36 spins per rotation. All sized, named and tagged ready to go (optional cloud hosting). Companies trust us to deliver the 360 spin images for eCommerce they need!


MODESTYLE Automated Photography Styled Flat Packshots

These styled-flat packshot photos were perfectly captured using our MODESTYLE photo table.


Photo Composer Automated Photography Jewellery Packshots

Showcase your entire product with focus-stacked images. Perfect for jewellery!

Ghost Mannequins

Example images of Ghost Mannequin Packshots

Give your products more even more shape on one of our ghost mannequins.

Table top.

Table Top Packshot Images of Products

Create images with more depth and natural shadow retention on our table top.

Body Models

Lookbook Body Models Example Image

Whether or not you have your own models, Traffic Jam Studio is happy to utilise its relationships with model agencies to provide the bodies you need to showcase your products.

Call 020 8985 7469 or drop us an e-mail at info@trafficjamstudio.com to chat about your requirements.

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