A packshot photo of Sandqvist rucksacks shot by Traffic Jam Studio
A packshot photo of RAINS raincoats shot by Traffic Jam Studio
A packshot photo of Samsoe wooly hats shot by Traffic Jam Studio
Photo of Scotria moidular bags - shot by Traffic Jam Studio LTD.
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Nike MercurialX Superfly 6 shot by Traffic Jam Studio - post processing by Art Works
A packshot photo of FOLK socks shot by Traffic Jam Studio
Jewellery Photography - Ring banner
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A photo of men

eCommerce, Packshot and Product Photography

We offer great product photography.
With the continued growth of eCommerce, our services enable our clients to realise their online ambitions to boost online sales. 

We love what we do. We love our clients. 
Mostly, we love delivering the images our clients need to showcase their products online and increase their sales. This is the reason Traffic Jam Studio is fast becoming one of the leading eCommerce, Packshot and Product photography studios in London.

We shoot.
Styled Flat - Table Top - Ghost Mannequin - Body Models
360 Spin Presentations (now Amazon support 360 product spins) 
& more! 

Our Studio. 
Located in the heart of creative London, minutes from Hackney Central, our studio is designed and equipped specifically to shoot eCommerce photography. It's a great creative space with double-height ceilings, plenty of daylight and the right buzz to get those creative juices flowing. Our studio was founded with the belief that the best way we can grow is through producing great results for our clients in the growing eCommerce space. 

Need some Product photography? 
This is what we do.

Why not give us a call on 020 8985 7469 or drop us an e-mail at info@trafficjamstudio.com to chat about your requirements or pop in for a coffee!